Governor Mary Fallin and the office of the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment are pleased to present the Governor's Energy Conference. The Governor's Energy Conference brings the diverse Oklahoma energy industry together, connecting top policy makers and implementers with industry executives, stakeholders and business leaders from around the state. The Conference engages this thriving community through the exchange of information, the promotion of innovation, the power of networking and the demonstration of commitment to the industry, sound policy and the growth and diversification of Oklahoma's resources.

A Message from the Governor:

Governor Mary Fallin photo“Welcome to the Governor’s Energy Conference. These are exciting and challenging times as we find ourselves in a time of opportunity in the energy sector. In Oklahoma, we are bolstering existing energy resources, while actively diversifying with new energy technologies though our “all of the above” energy philosophy, our Oklahoma First Energy Plan (which I unveiled at this conference several years ago), and our commitment to post-secondary education and workforce development. Through education and job training programs like Oklahoma Works, we are helping people get the skill sets they need to succeed in the private sector. We understand that we must engage in responsible regulation driven by sound science to better serve Oklahoma. I’m excited about the future of energy in Oklahoma, and the leadership role this state will play in the energy revolution that is a true game changer for the country and the world.”  
- Governor Mary Fallin